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ccontagion, comtagiom, conntagionn, contaagion, contaggion, contagiion, contagio, contagoin, conttagion, coontagioon, kontagion, ontagion

Contagion — synonyms, definition

1. contagion (Noun)

12 synonyms
communication contagious disease disease illness infection poison pollution spread taint transmission transmittal virus
3 definitions

contagion (Noun) — Any disease easily transmitted by contact.

contagion (Noun) — An incident in which an infectious disease is transmitted.

contagion (Noun) — The communication of an attitude or emotional state among a number of people. ex. "a contagion of mirth"

3 types of
communicable disease communication incident
23 types
Cupid's disease Cupid's itch Grippe STD VD Venus's curse Vincent's angina Vincent's infection diphtheria dose flu influenza measles morbilli pox rubeola scarlatina scarlet fever sexually transmitted disease social disease • • •