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ccollecctive, colective, collectiive, collectiv, collectivve, collecttive, colleectivee, collllective, coollective, kollektive, ollective

Collective — synonyms, collective antonyms, definition

1. collective (a)

26 synonyms
accumulated attached bilateral collected common communal community compiled concentrated concerted conjoint connected consolidated cooperative full gathered general joint mutual national • • •

2. collective (Noun)

9 synonyms
body co-op commune cooperative kibbutz organisation organization society unit
1 definition

collective (Noun) — Members of a cooperative enterprise.

1 type of
1 type
collective farm

3. collective (Adjective)

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3 definitions

collective (Adjective) — Done by or characteristic of individuals acting together. ex. "the collective mind"

collective (Adjective) — Forming a whole or aggregate.

collective (Adjective) — Set up on the principle of collectivism or ownership and production by the workers involved usually under the supervision of a government. ex. "collective farms"