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cclothing, cllothing, cloothing, clothhing, clothiing, clothimg, clothin, clothingg, clothinng, clothnig, clotthing, klothing, lothing

Clothing — synonyms, definition

1. clothing (Noun)

29 synonyms
adorning apparel array article of clothing attire clothes costume decking decoration dress dressing ensemble garb garments getup guise habiliment habit habits panoply • • •
1 definition

clothing (Noun) — A covering designed to be worn on a person's body. ex. "an article of clothing"

2 types of
consumer goods covering
53 types
accessory accouterment accoutrement apparel array attire beachwear black blue change civilian clothing civilian dress civilian garb clothes drag dress duds footwear garb garment • • •
1 part

2. clothing (Verb)

12 synonyms
appareling cloaking draping enclothing fitting out garbing garmenting habilitating investing raimenting robing togging
3 definitions

clothing (Verb) — Provide with clothes or put clothes on. ex. "Parents must feed and clothe their child"

clothing (Verb) — Furnish with power or authority; of kings or emperors.

clothing (Verb) — Cover as if with clothing. ex. "the mountain was clothed in tropical trees"

8 types of
changing state covering equipping fitting fitting out outfitting spreading over turning
21 type
coating corseting costuming covering dressing up frocking gowning habiting jacketing overclothing overdressing primming primming out primming up robing shirting shoeing underdressing vesting vesturing • • •