Carnation Family — synonyms, definition

1. carnation family (Noun)

3 synonyms
Caryophyllaceae family Caryophyllaceae pink family
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carnation family (Noun) — Large family of herbs or subshrubs (usually with stems swollen at the nodes).

1 type of
caryophylloid dicot family
40 parts
Cerastium Dianthus Gypsophila Hernaria Illecebrum Minuartia Moehringia Petrocoptis Sagina Scleranthus Spergula Spergularia Stellaria Vaccaria agrostemma arenaria caryophyllaceous plant genus Agrostemma genus Arenaria genus Cerastium • • •
4 parts of
Caryophyllales Chenopodiales order Caryophyllales order-Chenopodiales