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bblast, blaast, blas, blasst, blastt, blats, blazt, bllast, last

Blast — synonyms, definition

1. blast (Noun)

55 synonyms
air attack bam bane bang blare blizzard blow blowout bluster boom breeze burst clang clap crack craic crash detonation din • • •
5 definitions

blast (Noun) — A strong current of air. ex. "the tree was bent almost double by the blast"

blast (Noun) — A sudden very loud noise.

blast (Noun) — An explosion (as of dynamite).

blast (Noun) — A highly pleasurable or exciting experience. ex. "celebrating after the game was a blast"

blast (Noun) — Intense adverse criticism. ex. "he published an unexpected blast on my work"

11 types of
air current blowup criticism current of air detonation experience explosion noise unfavorable judgment unfavourable judgment wind
12 types
aspersion bluster bomb blast calumny defamation denigration puff puff of air sandblast slander water hammer whiff

2. blast (Verb)

55 synonyms
bang barrage bellow belt berate blare blight blow blow up bluster bombard boom burst clobber close condemn crack crash crucify curse • • •
10 definitions

blast (Verb) — Make a strident sound. ex. "She tended to blast when speaking into a microphone"

blast (Verb) — Hit hard. ex. "He blasted a 3-run homer"

blast (Verb) — Use explosives on. ex. "The enemy has been blasting us all day"

blast (Verb) — Blow a strong draft or wind. ex. "the air conditioning was blasting cold air at us"

blast (Verb) — Create by using explosives. ex. "blast a passage through the mountain"

blast (Verb) — Make with or as if with an explosion. ex. "blast a tunnel through the Alps"

blast (Verb) — Fire a shot. ex. "the gunman blasted away"

blast (Verb) — Criticize harshly or violently. ex. "The press blasted the new President"

blast (Verb) — Shatter as if by explosion.

blast (Verb) — Shrivel, wither or mature imperfectly.

23 types of
blow bomb bombard create criticise criticize cut damn dash discharge fire hit knock make make noise noise pick apart resound shrink shrivel • • •
10 types
blaze blaze away crump fire gun open fire overshoot pump sharpshoot snipe

3. blast (Interjection)

1 definition

blast (Interjection) — Exclamation of annoyance.