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aaristocraacy, ariistocracy, arisstocracy, aristoccraccy, aristocrac, aristocracyy, aristokraky, aristoocracy, aristtocracy, aritsocracy, ariztocracy, arristocrracy, ristocracy

Aristocracy — synonyms, definition

1. aristocracy (Noun)

17 synonyms
bourgeoisie breeding decorum four hundred gentility gentlefolk gentry high society highborn nobility oligarchy peerage propriety refinement royalty ruling class society
3 definitions

aristocracy (Noun) — A privileged class holding hereditary titles.

aristocracy (Noun) — The most powerful members of a society.

aristocracy (Noun) — Government by an aristocratic class; a state with such a government.

4 types of
elite elite group upper class upper crust
10 types
Ferdinand and Isabella William and Mary baronage baronetage knighthood landed gentry noblesse peerage samurai squirearchy
4 parts
aristo aristocrat blue blood patrician