-ship — synonyms, definition

1. -ship (Noun)

1 definition

-ship (Noun) — A vessel that carries passengers or freight.

2 types of
vessel watercraft
42 types
H.M.S. Bounty Mayflower abandoned ship blockade-runner bounty cargo ship cargo vessel combat ship derelict flagship gas-turbine ship hospital ship hulk iceboat icebreaker lightship minelayer minesweeper nuclear-powered ship passenger ship • • •
55 parts
Helm after part bay bilge pump bilge well bulkhead bulwark caboose cargo area cargo deck cargo hold cookhouse crow's nest davit deck drogue fin fo'c'sle forecastle frame • • •
1 part of
42 on topics
astern auxiliary boiler auxiliary engine beam belaying pin bitt bollard brig broken-backed carvel-built clincher-built clinker-built destabilization donkey boiler donkey engine drift embrasure engine room engineering foundering • • •

2. -ship (Verb)

3 synonyms
embark send transport
6 definitions

-ship (Verb) — Move goods commercially.

-ship (Verb) — Hire for work on a ship.

-ship (Verb) — Go on board.

-ship (Verb) — Travel by ship.

-ship (Verb) — Place on board a ship. ex. "ship the cargo in the hold of the vessel"

-ship (Verb) — Take in water over the sides of a boat.

15 types of
board displace employ engage get on hire journey lay move place pose position put set travel
10 types
barge despatch dispatch emplane enplane forward railroad reship send off send on

3. -ship (Other)

3 definitions

-ship (Other) — Office or profession.

-ship (Other) — Skill in something.

-ship (Other) — State or condition.