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1. -like (Adjective)

5 synonyms
alike comparable corresponding same similar
1 antonym
4 definitions

-like (Adjective) — Resembling; having the same or some of the same characteristics; often used in combination. ex. "a limited circle of like minds" ex. "members of the cat family have like dispositions" ex. "as like as two peas in a pod" ex. "suits of like design"

-like (Adjective) — Equal in amount or value. ex. "like amounts" ex. "gave one six blows and the other a like number"

-like (Adjective) — Having the same or nearly the same characteristics. ex. "all politicians are like"

-like (Adjective) — Conforming in every respect. ex. "the like period of the preceding year"

3 see also
alikeness likeness similitude

2. -like (Noun)

3 synonyms
ilk the like the likes of
2 definitions

-like (Noun) — A similar kind. ex. "dogs, foxes, and the like" ex. "we don't want the likes of you around here"

-like (Noun) — A kind of person. ex. "We'll not see his like again"

4 types of
form kind sort variety

3. -like (Verb)

2 synonyms
care wish
1 antonym
5 definitions

-like (Verb) — Prefer or look forward to doing something. ex. "Would you like to come along to the movies?"

-like (Verb) — Find enjoyable or agreeable. ex. "I like jogging" ex. "She likes to read Russian novels"

-like (Verb) — Be fond of. ex. "I like my nephews"

-like (Verb) — Feel about or towards; consider, evaluate, or regard. ex. "How did you like the President's speech last night?"

-like (Verb) — Want to have. ex. "I'd like a beer now!"

7 types of
consider desire reckon regard see view want
10 types
bask care for cotton enjoy love please prefer relish savor savour

4. -like (Conjunction)

2 definitions

-like (Conjunction) — (informal) sort of, in some way; often used as an almost meaningless filler. ex. "I thought for a second there was, like, you know, a story or something, but every shot is like only a second long"

-like (Conjunction) — (informal) indicates something is unlikely and should not be considered. ex. "like that's going to be of any use to me!"