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arfare, waarfaare, warfar, warfaree, warffare, warphare, warrfarre, wwarfare

Warfare — synonyms, definition

1. warfare (Noun)

12 synonyms
attack battle campaign combat conflict contest crusade encounter fight fighting hostility war
2 definitions

warfare (Noun) — (military) the waging of armed conflict against an enemy. ex. "thousands of people were killed in the warfare"

warfare (Noun) — An active struggle between competing entities. ex. "diplomatic warfare"

5 types of
action battle conflict military action struggle
58 types
Arab-Israeli War BW Balkan Wars Boer War Chino-Japanese War Crimean War Franco-Prussian War French and Indian War Gulf War Hundred Years' War IW Iran-Iraq War Korean War Macedonian War Mexican War Napoleonic Wars Peloponnesian War Persian Gulf War Punic War Russo-Japanese War • • •
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aggression armed combat battle combat conflict engagement fight
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Plunderer de-escalation despoiler freebooter looter pillager raider ransacker side spoiler state of war war