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erbalise, veerbalisee, verbaalise, verbaliise, verbalis, verbalisse, verbalize, verballise, verbbalise, verrbalise, vverbalise

Verbalise — synonyms, definition

1. verbalise (Verb) Brit

23 synonyms
air articulate clarify communicate converse discharge enunciate explain express give tongue to mouth pronounce release say sound speak talk utter vent verbalize • • •
4 definitions

verbalise (Verb) — Be verbose. ex. "This lawyer verbalises and is rather tedious"

verbalise (Verb) — Express in speech. ex. "She verbalises a lot of nonsense"

verbalise (Verb) — Articulate; either verbally or with a cry, shout, or noise. ex. "She verbalised her anger"

verbalise (Verb) — (language) convert into a verb. ex. "many English nouns have become verbalised"

3 types of
communicate convert intercommunicate
125 types
babble bark bay begin blab blabber blaspheme blubber blubber out blunder blunder out blurt blurt out breathe bumble cackle call out chant chatter clack • • •