Veg — synonyms, definition

1. veg (Noun)

2 synonyms
vegetable veggie
1 definition

veg (Noun) — Edible seeds, roots, stems, leaves, bulbs, tubers or nonsweet fruits of any of numerous herbaceous plant.

4 types of
garden truck green goods green groceries produce
37 types
Florence fennel artichoke artichoke heart asparagus bamboo shoot bhindi cardoon celery cruciferous vegetable cucumber cuke earthnut fennel finocchio globe artichoke green greens gumbo julienne julienne vegetable • • •
2 parts of
herb herbaceous plant

2. veg (Verb)

2 synonyms
veg out vegetate
1 definition

veg (Verb) — Engage in passive relaxation. ex. "After a hard day's work, I veg out in front of the television"

6 types of
decompress loosen up relax slow down unbend unwind