Similar Words
anish, vaanish, vainsh, vamish, vaniish, vanis, vanishh, vanissh, vanizh, vannish, vvanish

Vanish — synonyms, definition

1. vanish (Verb)

32 synonyms
abort cease conclude culminate decrease die disappear disband discontinue disintegrate disperse dissipate dissolve dwindle end evaporate fade fell fly go away • • •
6 definitions

vanish (Verb) — Get lost, as without warning or explanation. ex. "He vanished without a trace"

vanish (Verb) — Become invisible or unnoticeable. ex. "The effect vanished when day broke"

vanish (Verb) — Pass away rapidly. ex. "Time vanishes like an arrow"

vanish (Verb) — Cease to exist. ex. "An entire civilization vanished"

vanish (Verb) — Decrease rapidly and disappear. ex. "the money vanished in las Vegas"

vanish (Verb) — (mathematics) become equal to zero.

18 types of
cease decrease diminish elapse end fall finish glide by go along go by lapse lessen pass slide by slip away slip by stop terminate
23 types
absent blow over bob under clear dematerialise dematerialize desorb die die off die out evanesce fade fall fall away fall off fleet go pass pass off remove • • •