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ousled, toousled, tousle, tousledd, tousleed, touslled, toussled, touusled, touzled, ttousled, tuosled

Tousled — synonyms, definition

1. tousled (a)

14 synonyms
dingy dirty disarrayed disassembled disheveled dishevelled dismantled disordered disorderly messy undone unkempt unmade untidy

2. tousled (Adjective)

2 synonyms
frowzled rumpled
1 definition

tousled (Adjective) — In disarray; extremely disorderly. ex. "a bed with tousled sheets" ex. "his brown hair was tousled, thick, and curly"

3. tousled (Verb)

1 synonym
1 definition

tousled (Verb) — Disarrange or rumple; dishevel. ex. "The strong wind tousled my hair"

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