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ssupplying, suplying, suppllying, supplyiing, supplyimg, supplyin, supplyingg, supplyinng, supplynig, supplyying, supppplying, suupplying, upplying, zupplying

Supplying — synonyms, definition

1. supplying (Noun)

5 synonyms
arrangement procurement providing provision supply
1 definition

supplying (Noun) — The activity of supplying or providing something.

1 type of
17 types
Alimentation Irrigation care delivery feeding fueling fuelling health care delivery healthcare delivery issuance issue issuing logistics purveyance refueling refuelling stocking subvention

2. supplying (Verb)

7 synonyms
adding appending catering furnishing issuing plying rendering
4 definitions

supplying (Verb) — Give something useful or necessary to. ex. "We supplied the room with an electrical heater"

supplying (Verb) — Circulate, distribute or equip with. ex. "supply blankets for the beds"

supplying (Verb) — Give what is desired or needed, especially support, food or sustenance. ex. "The hostess supplied lunch for all the guests"

supplying (Verb) — State or say further. ex. "'It doesn't matter,' he supplied"

5 types of
distributing giving saying stating telling
169 types
accommodating affording air-conditioning air-cooling alphabetising alphabetizing arming articulating bedding berthing bewhiskering boarding bordering bottoming bratticing bushing buying in calking canalising canalizing • • •