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ssuccumb, succccumb, succum, succumbb, succummb, succunb, sucumb, sukkumb, suuccuumb, uccumb, zuccumb

Succumb — synonyms, succumb antonyms, definition

1. succumb (Verb)

33 synonyms
abide accede acquiesce agree bend bow break down buckle under collapse comply concede defer drop fail fall forfeit give in give way go down go under • • •
1 antonym
2 definitions

succumb (Verb) — Consent reluctantly.

succumb (Verb) — Be fatally overwhelmed.

22 types of
accept buy the farm cash in one's chips choke conk consent croak decease die drop dead exit expire give-up the ghost go go for kick the bucket pass pass away perish pop off • • •
5 types
accede bow defer give in submit