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mear, smaer, smea, smeaar, smearr, smeear, smmear, snear, ssmear, zmear

Smear — synonyms, definition

1. smear (Noun)

42 synonyms
accusation blemish blot blotch blur brand calumny censure cloud complaint cytologic smear cytosmear daub defamation denigration dirt disgrace dishonour filth gloom • • •
4 definitions

smear (Noun) — Slanderous defamation.

smear (Noun) — A thin tissue or blood sample spread on a glass slide and stained for cytologic examination and diagnosis under a microscope.

smear (Noun) — A blemish made by dirt. ex. "he had a smear on his cheek"

smear (Noun) — An act that brings discredit to the person who does it. ex. "he made a huge smear on his copybook"

13 types of
blemish calumniation calumny cytologic specimen defamation defect error fault hatchet job mar mistake obloquy traducement
14 types
Pap smear Papanicolaou smear alimentary tract smear blotch bronchoscopic smear cervical smear fingermark fingerprint inkblot lower respiratory tract smear splodge splotch sputum smear vaginal smear

2. smear (Verb)

71 synonym
anoint apply asperse beat bedaub besmear besmirch blear blemish blot blur calumniate coat conquer cover dab daub defame defile denigrate • • •
4 definitions

smear (Verb) — Stain by smearing or daubing with a dirty substance.

smear (Verb) — Make a smudge on; soil by smudging.

smear (Verb) — Cover (a surface) by smearing (a substance) over it. ex. "smear the wall with paint"

smear (Verb) — Charge falsely or with malicious intent; attack the good name and reputation of someone. ex. "The journalists have smeared me!"

10 types of
accuse begrime bemire charge colly cover dirty grime rub soil
12 types
assassinate badmouth besmirch blood drag through the mud dust libel malign moil resmudge smirch traduce

3. smear (US)

5 synonyms
bleach dirty discolor fade tarnish