Similar Words
evering, seeveering, severiing, severimg, severin, severingg, severinng, severnig, severring, sevvering, ssevering, zevering

Severing — synonyms, definition

1. severing (a)

5 synonyms
breaking bursting cracking shattering snapping

2. severing (Noun)

16 synonyms
breach bursting cleavage crack disjunction fissure fracture rupturing schism severance slashing slicing split splitting tearing wrenching
1 definition

severing (Noun) — The act of severing.

2 types of
cut cutting

3. severing (a/n)

7 synonyms
bursting rupturing slashing slicing splitting tearing wrenching

4. severing (Verb)

3 synonyms
breaking up discerping lopping
2 definitions

severing (Verb) — Set or keep apart. ex. "sever a relationship"

severing (Verb) — Cut off from a whole. ex. "His head was severed from his body"

5 types of
cutting disuniting dividing parting separating