Puss — synonyms, definition

1. puss (Noun) vulgar

18 synonyms
Felis catus Felis domesticus cat cunt domestic cat house cat kitty kitty-cat mog moggie moggy pussy pussycat quim slit snatch tail twat
2 definitions

puss (Noun) — Obscene term for female genitals.

puss (Noun) — A domesticated cat, commonly kept as a pet.

8 types of
cat domestic animal domesticated animal fanny female genital organ female genitalia female genitals true cat
25 types
Abyssinian Abyssinian cat Angora cat Burmese cat Egyptian cat Maltese cat Manx Manx cat Persian cat Siamese Siamese cat alley cat angora calico cat maltese mouser queen shorthair tabby tabby cat • • •
3 parts of
Felis clowder genus Felis