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ppuppil, pupi, pupiil, pupill, puupil, upil

Pupil — synonyms, definition

1. pupil (Noun)

22 synonyms
adherent amateur apostle beginner believer disciple educatee follower greenhorn learner neophyte novitiate partisan proselyte recruit scholar school-age child schoolchild schoolie schoolkid • • •
3 definitions

pupil (Noun) — A learner who is enrolled in an educational institution.

pupil (Noun) — The contractile aperture in the centre of the iris of the eye; resembles a large black dot.

pupil (Noun) — A young person attending school (up through senior high school).

6 types of
aperture enrollee spring chicken young person younker youth
31 type
Etonian Ivy Leaguer Wykehamist art student auditor boarder catechumen college boy college man collegian crammer day boarder latchkey child law student major medical student medico neophyte nonachiever nonreader • • •
2 parts of
iris teacher-student relation

2. pupil (Verb)

8 synonyms
beginner disciple greenhorn learner neophyte novice scholar student