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leasing, plaesing, pleaasing, pleasiing, pleasimg, pleasin, pleasingg, pleasinng, pleasnig, pleassing, pleazing, pleeasing, plleasing, ppleasing

Pleasing — synonyms, pleasing antonyms, definition

1. pleasing (a)

71 synonym
aesthetic agreeable amiable amusing appealing appreciative artistic attractive beautiful becoming captivating charming cheering comely congenial cooperative cute deferential delightful discriminating • • •

2. pleasing (Adjective)

1 antonym
1 definition

pleasing (Adjective) — Giving pleasure and satisfaction. ex. "a pleasing piece of news" ex. "pleasing in manner and appearance"

3. pleasing (Noun)

1 definition

pleasing (Noun) — The act of one who pleases.

1 type of

4. pleasing (Verb)

1 synonym
1 antonym
3 definitions

pleasing (Verb) — Give pleasure to or be pleasing to. ex. "a pleasing sensation" ex. "These colours please the senses"

pleasing (Verb) — Be the will of or have the will (to). ex. "he could do many things if he pleased"

pleasing (Verb) — Give satisfaction. ex. "The waiters around her aim to please"

5 types of
caring gratifying liking satisfying wishing
7 types
delighting enchanting endearing enrapturing enthralling ravishing transporting