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aw, pa, paaw, paww, ppaw

Paw — synonyms, definition

1. paw (Noun)

15 synonyms
claw duke fist foot grasp grip hand hold hoof leg manus mitt pad palm talon
2 definitions

paw (Noun) — A clawed foot of an animal especially a quadruped.

paw (Noun) — The (prehensile) extremity of the superior limb. ex. "he had the paws of a surgeon"

3 types of
animal foot extremity foot
10 types
clenched fist fist forepaw hooks left left hand maulers meat hooks right right hand
14 parts
arteria digitalis arteria metacarpea ball digital arteries finger intercapitular vein metacarpal artery metacarpal vein metacarpus pad palm thenar vena intercapitalis vena metacarpus
9 parts of
arm canid canine felid feline homo human human being man

2. paw (Verb)

13 synonyms
attack claw clutch fondle hit man-handle maul molest rake scrape scratch seize smite
2 definitions

paw (Verb) — Scrape with the paws. ex. "The bear pawed the door"

paw (Verb) — Touch clumsily. ex. "The man tried to paw her"

4 types of
caress fondle grate scrape