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aralysis, paaraalysis, parallysis, paralysi, paralysiis, paralyssiss, paralyysis, paralyziz, parralysis, pparalysis

Paralysis — synonyms, definition

1. paralysis (Noun)

9 synonyms
arrest breakdown cessation dullness insensibility palsy stalemate standstill suspension
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paralysis (Noun) — Loss of the ability to move a body part. ex. "bed sores are a common complication in cases of paralysis"

2 types of
disfunction dysfunction
17 types
Erb's palsy Erb-Duchenne paralysis akinesia akinesis alalia cystoparalysis cystoplegia diplegia hemiparesis hemiplegia monoplegia ophthalmoplegia paraplegia paresis quadriplegia tetraplegia unilateral paralysis