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ooutrage, outraage, outrag, outragee, outragge, outrrage, outtrage, ouutrage, uotrage, utrage

Outrage — synonyms, definition

1. outrage (Noun)

34 synonyms
abuse affront clash commotion depravity displeasure disturbance enormity evil harm indignation indignity injury injustice insult ire offence offense resentment scandal • • •
4 definitions

outrage (Noun) — Anger aroused by some perceived offence or injustice.

outrage (Noun) — A wantonly cruel act.

outrage (Noun) — A disgraceful event.

outrage (Noun) — The act of scandalizing.

8 types of
affront anger atrocity choler inhumanity insult ire trouble
9 types
Teapot Dome Teapot Dome scandal Watergate Watergate scandal dudgeon high dudgeon skeleton skeleton in the closet skeleton in the cupboard

2. outrage (Verb)

37 synonyms
affront anger annoy appal appall assault chafe defile desecrate disgust dishonor dishonour displease horrify impugn injure insult jar maltreat nauseate • • •
3 definitions

outrage (Verb) — Strike with disgust or revulsion. ex. "The scandalous behaviour of this married woman outraged her friends"

outrage (Verb) — Disregard the sacred character of a place or language.

outrage (Verb) — Force (someone) to have sex against their will. ex. "The woman was outraged on her way home at night"

9 types of
assail assault attack churn up disgust nauseate revolt set on sicken
1 type