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ooptic, opptic, opti, opticc, optiic, optik, opttic, potic, ptic

Optic — synonyms, definition

1. optic (a)

10 synonyms
beheld corrective ocular optical perceived seeing viewable viewed visible visual

2. optic (Adjective)

1 synonym
2 definitions

optic (Adjective) — Of or relating to or resembling the eye. ex. "the optic axis of the eye"

optic (Adjective) — Relating to or using sight. ex. "optic inspection"

3. optic (Noun)

2 synonyms
eye oculus
1 definition

optic (Noun) — The organ of sight.

3 types of
receptor sense organ sensory receptor
10 types
compound eye naked eye ocellus oculus dexter oculus sinister od os peeper simple eye stemma
38 parts
aperture arteria centralis retinae arteria ciliaris arteria lacrimalis canthus central artery of the retina choroid choroid coat ciliary artery ciliary body conjunctiva cornea crystalline lens epicanthic fold epicanthus eye muscle eyeball eyelid iris lacrimal apparatus • • •
3 parts of
face human face visual system