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mmomment, momeent, momemt, momen, momennt, momentt, mooment, nonent, oment

Moment — synonyms, definition

1. moment (Noun)

50 synonyms
affair bit break circumstance concern consequence consideration drive duration effort energy excuse flash force gravity happening here and now impetus import importance • • •
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moment (Noun) — A particular point in time. ex. "the moment he arrived the party began"

moment (Noun) — An indefinitely short time. ex. "wait just a moment"

moment (Noun) — At this time. ex. "she is studying at the moment" ex. "the disappointments of the present moment"

moment (Noun) — Having important effects or influence. ex. "virtue is of more moment than security"

moment (Noun) — A turning force produced by an object acting at a distance (or a measure of that force).

moment (Noun) — (statistics) the n-th moment of a distribution is the expected value of the n-th power of the deviations from a fixed value.

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force nowadays point point in time present significance statistic time
26 types
New York minute blink of an eye climax culmination dipole moment eleventh hour flash heartbeat hell to pay instant jiff jiffy last minute matter moment of a couple moment of inertia moment of truth pinpoint psychological moment second moment • • •