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iberation, libberation, libeeration, liberaation, liberatio, liberatiom, liberationn, liberatioon, liberatoin, liberattion, liberration, liiberatiion, lliberation

Liberation — synonyms, definition

1. liberation (Noun)

42 synonyms
acquittal amnesty autonomy chuck clearance compensation deliverance delivery diffusion discharge dismissal dismission displacement emancipation exemption expiation extrication firing franchise freedom • • •
3 definitions

liberation (Noun) — The act of liberating someone or something.

liberation (Noun) — The attempt to achieve equal rights or status. ex. "she worked for women's liberation"

liberation (Noun) — The termination of someone's employment (leaving them free to depart).

10 types of
accomplishment achievement attempt conclusion effort endeavor endeavour ending termination try
23 types
Section Eight clearing conge congee deactivation deregulating deregulation disentanglement dishonorable discharge emancipation extrication honorable discharge honourable discharge inactivation jail delivery manumission parole probation relief removal • • •

2. liberation (Verb)

3 synonyms
discharge emancipation release