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iintend, imtemd, inntennd, inteend, inten, intendd, inttend, nitend, ntend

Intend — synonyms, definition

1. intend (Verb)

43 synonyms
aim anticipate assume attempt brew calculate claim concoct conjecture contemplate contrive design designate destine determine devise endeavour expect express fate • • •
5 definitions

intend (Verb) — Have in mind as a purpose. ex. "I intend no harm"

intend (Verb) — Design or destine. ex. "She was intended to become the director"

intend (Verb) — Have the intention to express or convey; have a particular sense or meaning. ex. "what do his words intend?"

intend (Verb) — Denote or connote.

intend (Verb) — Have as a plan or objective. ex. "I intend to arrive at noon"

2 types of
convey plan
21 type
aim be after calculate denote design direct drive get import mean plan refer represent signify slate spell stand for symbol symbolise symbolize • • •