Similar Words
iingratiiatiing, imgratiatimg, inggratiatingg, ingraatiaating, ingrataiting, ingratiatin, ingrattiatting, ingrratiating, inngratiatinng, ngratiating, nigratiatnig

Ingratiating — synonyms, definition

1. ingratiating (a)

26 synonyms
appealing attractive deferential fawning gleaming glib glistening grovelling insinuating interesting lustrous mollifying obsequious oily pleasing sleek slippery smooth soft soothing • • •

2. ingratiating (Adjective)

1 synonym
2 definitions

ingratiating (Adjective) — Capable of winning favour. ex. "with open arms and an ingratiating smile"

ingratiating (Adjective) — Calculated to please or gain favour. ex. "a smooth ingratiating manner"

3. ingratiating (Verb)

1 definition

ingratiating (Verb) — Gain favour with somebody by deliberate efforts. ex. "Despite all his attempts to ingratiate himself with his prospective father-in-law, the young man found he could hardly do nothing to please him"

3 types of
controlling keeping in line manipulating
7 types
cosying up cottoning up cozying up playing up shining up sidling up sucking up