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iinebriiate, imebriate, inebbriate, inebraite, inebriaate, inebriat, inebriatte, inebrriate, ineebriatee, innebriate, nebriate, niebriate

Inebriate — synonyms, definition

1. inebriate (Noun)

21 synonym
alcoholic alkie alky boozer dipso dipsomaniac drunk drunkard intoxicant lush piss artist pisshead pisspot rummy soaker sot souse tippler tosspot winebibber • • •
1 definition

inebriate (Noun) — A person who drinks alcohol to excess habitually.

6 types of
drinker imbiber juicer soak sponge toper
6 types
drinker imbiber juicer soak sponge toper

2. inebriate (Verb)

8 synonyms
beatify exalt exhilarate hit it up intoxicate soak thrill tickle pink
3 definitions

inebriate (Verb) — Fill with sublime emotion. ex. "He was inebriated by his phenomenal success"

inebriate (Verb) — Make drunk (with alcoholic drinks).

inebriate (Verb) — Become drunk or drink excessively.

9 types of
affect booze drink elate fuddle intoxicate lift up pick up uplift
2 types
befuddle fuddle

3. inebriate (Adjective)

2 synonyms
inebriated intoxicated
1 definition

inebriate (Adjective) — Stupefied or excited by a chemical substance (especially alcohol). ex. "a noisy crowd of inebriate sailors"