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iindiiviidual, imdividual, inddividdual, individaul, individua, individuaal, individuall, individuual, indivvidual, inndividual, ndividual, nidividual

Individual — synonyms, individual antonyms, definition

1. individual (o)

11 synonyms
all any each every mine own owned particular personal separate specific

2. individual (a)

52 synonyms
all alone any appropriate certain definite designated detached different disconnected distinct distinctive distinguished divided each especial every exclusive independent lone • • •

3. individual (Noun)

25 synonyms
animal article body character digit entity human human being integer item man mortal one person personage single single item singleton somebody someone • • •
2 definitions

individual (Noun) — A human being. ex. "there was too much for one individual to do"

individual (Noun) — A single organism.

5 types of
being causal agency causal agent cause organism
649 types
African Amerindian Aquarius Archer Aries Black person Capricorn Caucasian Crab Dribbler Elizabethan Exponent Gemini Goat Hebrew Homophile Jew Latin Leo Native American • • •
15 parts
anatomy bod build chassis figure flesh form frame human body material body personality physical body physique shape soma
1 part of

4. individual (Adjective)

2 synonyms
case-by-case item-by-item
1 antonym
4 definitions

individual (Adjective) — Being or characteristic of one particular part of many. ex. "please mark the individual pages" ex. "they went their individual ways" ex. "individual drops of rain"

individual (Adjective) — Separate and distinct from others of the same kind. ex. "mark the individual pages"

individual (Adjective) — Characteristic of or meant for a single person or thing. ex. "an individual serving"

individual (Adjective) — Concerning one person exclusively. ex. "we all have individual cars"

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individualism individuality individuation