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iimplement, immplemment, impleemeent, implememt, implemen, implemennt, implementt, impllement, impplement, inplenent, miplement, mplement

Implement — synonyms, definition

1. implement (Noun)

13 synonyms
PC apparatus calculator computer contrivance device equipment gadget instrument machine mechanism motor utensil
1 definition

implement (Noun) — Instrumentation (a piece of equipment or tool) used to effect an end.

2 types of
instrumentality instrumentation
39 types
bar beater branding iron brush buff buffer candlesnuffer cleaning device cleaning equipment cleaning implement eraser fire iron fishgig fizgig flail flyswat flyswatter gig hook iron • • •

2. implement (Verb)

51 synonym
achieve advance appeal to apply arm bid carry out complete discharge do effect employ enable enforce equip execute exercise fit fit out follow out • • •
3 definitions

implement (Verb) — Apply in a manner consistent with its purpose or design. ex. "implement a procedure"

implement (Verb) — Ensure observance of laws and rules.

implement (Verb) — Pursue to a conclusion or bring to a successful issue. ex. "He implemented a new economic plan"

10 types of
apply compel complete employ finish obligate oblige use utilise utilize
3 types
adhere execute run