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hhold up, hold u, hold upp, hold uup, holdd up, holld up, hoold up, old up

Hold Up — synonyms, definition

1. hold up (Verb)

65 synonyms
arrest backstop bear bear up build up buoy carry champion check construct continue defer defy delay detain dismiss elevate endure exalt flourish • • •
7 definitions

hold up (Verb) — Be the physical support of; carry the weight of. ex. "The beam holds up the roof"

hold up (Verb) — Hold up something as an example; hold up one's achievements for admiration.

hold up (Verb) — Cause to be slowed down or delayed. ex. "Traffic was held up by the bad weather"

hold up (Verb) — (crime) rob at gunpoint or by means of some other threat.

hold up (Verb) — Continue to live through hardship or adversity. ex. "These superstitions hold up in the backwaters of America"

hold up (Verb) — Resist or confront with resistance. ex. "The politician held up public opinion"

hold up (Verb) — Resist or withstand wear, criticism, etc.. ex. "Her shoes won't hold up"

14 types of
decelerate display dispute exhibit expose hold out resist retard rob slow slow down slow up stand firm withstand
26 types
block brace bracket brave brave out buoy buoy up buy time carry catch chock endure live out mug perennate pole prop prop up scaffold shore • • •
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2. hold up (Noun)

3 synonyms
armed robbery heist stickup
2 definitions

hold up (Noun) — Robbery at gunpoint.

hold up (Noun) — The act of delaying; inactivity resulting in something being put off until a later time.

2 types of
inactivity robbery
21 type
break cunctation dalliance dawdling deferment deferral demurrage disruption filibuster forbearance gap interruption lag lingering postponement procrastination retardation shillyshally slowdown tarriance • • •