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armonise, haarmonise, harmmonise, harmoinse, harmomise, harmoniise, harmonis, harmonisee, harmonisse, harmonize, harmonnise, harmoonise, harnonise, harrmonise, hharmonise

Harmonise — synonyms, definition

1. harmonise (Verb) Brit

59 synonyms
accommodate accord adjust affirm agree amend apply apportion arrange assent attune belong blend chord cohere cohesion coincide combine compare complete • • •
6 definitions

harmonise (Verb) — Go well together. ex. "The colours don't harmonise"

harmonise (Verb) — (music) write a harmony for.

harmonise (Verb) — (music) sing or play in harmony.

harmonise (Verb) — Bring (several things) into consonance or relate harmoniously. ex. "harmonise the different interests"

harmonise (Verb) — Bring into consonance or accord. ex. "harmonise one's goals with one's abilities"

harmonise (Verb) — (music) bring into consonance, harmony, or accord while making music or singing.

20 types of
adjust agree alter change check compose correct correspond fit gibe jibe marry marry up match modify relate set sing tally write
12 types
accommodate blend blend in conciliate go key proportion realise realize reconcile reharmonise reharmonize
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