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aggle, haaggle, haggggle, haggl, hagglee, hagglle, hagle, hhaggle

Haggle — synonyms, definition

1. haggle (Noun)

5 synonyms
argument disagreement haggling wrangle wrangling
1 definition

haggle (Noun) — An instance of intense argument (as in bargaining).

1 type of

2. haggle (Verb)

38 synonyms
annoy badger bait bargain barter bisect buy buy and sell carve cavil chaffer chisel chop cut deal dicker dispute dissect exchange fret • • •
1 definition

haggle (Verb) — Wrangle (over a price, terms of an agreement, etc.). ex. "Let's not haggle over a few dollars"

2 types of
bargain dicker
2 types
bargain down beat down

3. haggle (n/v)

7 synonyms
barter buy and sell dicker merchandise negotiate trade treat