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get to
go ahead
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gguide, giude, guid, guidde, guidee, guiide, guuide, uide

Guide — synonyms, definition

1. guide (Noun)

86 synonyms
administrator archetype authority beacon beam blaze bodyguard boy buoy captain catalogue chief clergyman clue code commander companion conductor convoy counsellor • • •
6 definitions

guide (Noun) — Someone employed to conduct others.

guide (Noun) — Someone who shows the way by leading or advising.

guide (Noun) — Something that offers basic information or instruction.

guide (Noun) — A model, standard or outline to follow or adapt.

guide (Noun) — Someone who can find paths through unexplored territory.

guide (Noun) — A structure or marking that serves to direct the motion or positioning of something.

10 types of
construction enchiridion escort example expert handbook leader model structure vade mecum
13 types
Sacagawea Sacajawea cicerone field guide hunting guide itinerary rhythm roadbook speech rhythm tour guide trailblazer travel guidebook usherette

2. guide (Verb)

74 synonyms
accompany administer advise aim attend bear brainwash bring carry carry on catechize channelise channelize check command conduct control convey convoy direct • • •
5 definitions

guide (Verb) — Determine the direction of travelling.

guide (Verb) — Accompany somebody somewhere to show them the way. ex. "we guided him to our chief"

guide (Verb) — Be a guiding or motivating force or drive. ex. "The teacher guided the gifted students towards the more challenging courses"

guide (Verb) — Use as a guide. ex. "They had the lights to guide on"

guide (Verb) — Pass over, across, or through. ex. "He guided his eyes over her body"

5 types of
command control direct orient orientate
27 types
Crab Helm beacon canalise canalize channel con conn corner dock hand lead astray misdirect misguide mislead navigate park pilot pull over rub • • •