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ggo under, go nuder, go umder, go undder, go unde, go undeer, go underr, go unnder, go uunder, goo under, o under

Go Under — synonyms, definition

1. go under (Verb)

15 synonyms
become insolvent fail fall fold go bankrupt go by go down set settle shut down sink submit succumb surrender yield
3 definitions

go under (Verb) — Go under. ex. "The raft went under and its occupants drowned"

go under (Verb) — (astronomy) go down below the surface (esp. of water) to become submerged. ex. "the sun goes under early these days"

go under (Verb) — Be called; go by a certain name. ex. "She goes under her maiden name again"

4 types of
come down descend fall go down
5 types
founder settle submerge submerse subside