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1. go out (Verb)

6 synonyms
date exit get out go steady leave see
1 antonym
come in
6 definitions

go out (Verb) — Move out of or depart from.

go out (Verb) — Leave the house to go somewhere. ex. "We never went out when our children were small"

go out (Verb) — Take the field. ex. "The soldiers went out on missions"

go out (Verb) — Become extinguished. ex. "The lights suddenly went out and we were in the dark"

go out (Verb) — (fashion) go out of fashion; become unfashionable.

go out (Verb) — Date regularly; have a steady relationship with.

14 types of
affiliate associate assort cease change consort end finish go away go forth leave move stop terminate
14 types
date depart eject fall out file out get off go go away hop out log off log out pop out step out undock
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