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ggo away, go aawaay, go awa, go awayy, go awway, goo away, o away

Go Away — synonyms, definition

1. go away (Verb)

7 synonyms
depart disappear go go forth leave pass vanish
4 definitions

go away (Verb) — Move away from a place into another direction. ex. "Go away before I start to cry"

go away (Verb) — Go away from a place. ex. "At what time does your train go away?"

go away (Verb) — Become invisible or unnoticeable. ex. "The effect went away when day broke"

go away (Verb) — Get lost, as without warning or explanation. ex. "He went away without a trace"

9 types of
cease end exit finish get out go out leave stop terminate
87 types
abandon absent beetle off blow blow over bob under bolt bolt out break away bugger off bunk buzz off clear come away decamp dematerialise dematerialize depart desert desorb • • •

2. go away (Interjection)

1 definition

go away (Interjection) — Instruction to go away.