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arment, gaarment, garmeent, garmemt, garmen, garmennt, garmentt, garmment, garnent, garrment, ggarment

Garment — synonyms, definition

1. garment (Noun)

16 synonyms
apparel attire cape cloak cloth clothes coat cover covering dress mantle robe shawl shroud skirt wrap
1 definition

garment (Noun) — An article of clothing. ex. "garments of the finest silk"

6 types of
article of clothing clothing habiliment vesture wear wearable
94 types
bathers bathing costume bathing suit body suit breechcloth breechclout burka burqa camlet cat suit cossie cozzie dack dak diaper fur gilet gown haick haik • • •
27 parts
arm armhole band banding bosom button hole buttonhole dag dart eyehole eyelet fly fly front gusset hipline inset jag liner lining neck • • •

2. garment (Verb)

7 synonyms
clothe enclothe fit out garb habilitate raiment tog
1 definition

garment (Verb) — Provide with clothes or put clothes on.

2 types of
change state turn
21 type
coat corset costume cover dress up frock gown habit jacket overclothe overdress prim prim out prim up robe shirt shoe underdress vest vesture • • •