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ffissure, fi?ure, fiissure, fissssure, fissur, fissuree, fissurre, fissuure, fisure, fizzure, issure, phissure

Fissure — synonyms, definition

1. fissure (Noun)

50 synonyms
bend breach break canyon chap chasm chink cleavage cleft crack cranny crevasse crevice disjunction division fault flaw fracture gap gash • • •
3 definitions

fissure (Noun) — A long narrow depression in a surface.

fissure (Noun) — A narrow planar hole in a rock or material, usually with a flattish sides.

fissure (Noun) — (anatomy) a long narrow slit or groove that divides an organ into lobes.

7 types of
depression gap groove impression imprint opening vallecula
18 types
break chap chink crevasse fatigue crack fault faulting fracture geological fault hilum hilus rift shift slit split sulcus vent volcano

2. fissure (Verb)

5 synonyms
break burst rend rupture tear
1 definition

fissure (Verb) — Break into fissures or fine cracks.

1 type of