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antasy, faantaasy, famtasy, fanntasy, fantas, fantassy, fantasyy, fantazy, fanttasy, ffantasy, phantasy

Fantasy — synonyms, definition

1. fantasy (Noun)

59 synonyms
aggrandisement aggrandizement anticipation apparition bauble bubble caricature chimera colouring conception daydream deception delusion divertissement drama dream embellishment error exaggeration extravagant show • • •
4 definitions

fantasy (Noun) — Imagination unrestricted by reality. ex. "a schoolgirl fantasy"

fantasy (Noun) — Fiction with a large amount of imagination in it. ex. "she made a lot of money writing romantic fantasies"

fantasy (Noun) — Something that many people believe but is false. ex. "they have the fantasy that I am very wealthy"

fantasy (Noun) — A musical composition of a free form usually incorporating several familiar themes.

10 types of
composition fiction imagination imaginativeness misconception musical composition opus piece piece of music vision
13 types
bubble dream fairyland fantasy life fantasy world ignis fatuus phantasy life phantasy world pipe dream sci-fi science fiction will-o'-the-wisp wishful thinking

2. fantasy (Verb)

2 synonyms
fantasise fantasize
1 definition

fantasy (Verb) — Indulge in fantasies.

4 types of
conceive of envisage ideate imagine