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eexpeecteed, expeccted, expecte, expectedd, expectted, expekted, exppected, exxpected, xpected

Expected — synonyms, expected antonyms, definition

1. expected (a)

22 synonyms
approaching at hand coming conventional familiar foreseen forthcoming habitual imminent impending near nearing next normal on-going oncoming pending predictable predicted prepared for • • •

2. expected (Adjective)

1 antonym
1 definition

expected (Adjective) — Considered likely or probable to happen or arrive. ex. "prepared for the expected attack"

3. expected (Verb)

9 synonyms
anticipated asked awaited bore carried gestated had a bun in the oven looked waited
6 definitions

expected (Verb) — Regard something as probable or likely. ex. "The meteorologists are expecting rain for tomorrow"

expected (Verb) — Consider obligatory; request and expect. ex. "I expect my students to arrive in time for their lessons"

expected (Verb) — Look forward to the probable occurrence of. ex. "We were expecting a visit from our relatives"

expected (Verb) — Consider reasonable or due. ex. "I'm expecting a full explanation as to why these files were destroyed"

expected (Verb) — Look forward to the birth of a child. ex. "She is expecting in March"

expected (Verb) — Be pregnant with. ex. "They are expecting another child in January"

14 types of
birthed bore considered delivered demanded evaluated gave birth had judged passed judgment reckoned regarded saw viewed
28 types
anticipated assumed believed called conjectured dared say daresayed guessed held on held the line hung on hypothecated hypothesised hypothesized imagined looked for looked forward looked to opined presumed • • •