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eexeercisee, exerccise, exerciise, exercis, exercisse, exercize, exerkise, exerrcise, exxercise, xercise

Exercise — synonyms, definition

1. exercise (Noun)

61 synonym
accomplishment act action activity appliance application assignment blow ceremony class course cultivation development discipline doing drill drilling employment example exercising • • •
5 definitions

exercise (Noun) — The activity of exerting your muscles in various ways to keep fit. ex. "the doctor recommended regular exercise"

exercise (Noun) — The act of using.

exercise (Noun) — Systematic training by multiple repetitions. ex. "exercise makes perfect"

exercise (Noun) — A task performed or problem solved in order to develop skill or understanding.

exercise (Noun) — (usually plural) a ceremony that involves processions and speeches. ex. "academic exercises"

14 types of
activity ceremonial ceremonial occasion ceremony effort elbow grease exertion grooming lesson observance preparation sweat training travail
50 types
Bodybuilding Kegel exercises abuse anaerobic exercise application arm exercise back exercise brushup calisthenics callisthenics cardiopulmonary exercise commencement commencement ceremony commencement exercise development dry run exercise set exploitation fire drill graduation • • •

2. exercise (Verb)

61 synonym
accomplish adopt annoy apply bring about burden cause control discharge discipline do drill educate effect employ engage in execute exert expend follow • • •
5 definitions

exercise (Verb) — Put to use. ex. "exercise one's power or influence"

exercise (Verb) — Carry out, engage in (as of jobs and professions). ex. "exercise law"

exercise (Verb) — Give a workout to. ex. "Some parents exercise their infants" ex. "this puzzle will exercise your mind"

exercise (Verb) — Do physical exercise. ex. "She exercises in the gym every day"

exercise (Verb) — Learn by repetition.

11 types of
apply employ learn put to work read study take use utilise utilize work
13 types
limber up loosen up press shamanise shamanize strengthen tone tone up train tumble warm up weight-lift weightlift