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e?ential, eesseential, esential, essemtial, essenntial, essentail, essentia, essentiaal, essentiall, essentiial, essenttial, essssential, ezzential, ssential

Essential — synonyms, essential antonyms, definition

1. essential (a)

64 synonyms
advantageous ample basal basic beneficial binding capital cardinal compulsory consequential considerable constitutional critical crucial effective elemental elementary extreme fundamental grave • • •

2. essential (Noun)

11 synonyms
basic demand element fundamental imperative necessary necessity postulate qualification requirement vital part
1 antonym
1 definition

essential (Noun) — Anything indispensable. ex. "the essentials of the good life"

1 type of
4 types
desideratum must need want

3. essential (Adjective)

4 synonyms
all important all-important of the essence substantive
1 antonym
5 definitions

essential (Adjective) — Absolutely necessary; vitally necessary. ex. "essential tools and materials" ex. "funds essential to the completion of the project"

essential (Adjective) — Basic and fundamental. ex. "the essential feature"

essential (Adjective) — Of the greatest importance. ex. "the essential subject of disarmament"

essential (Adjective) — Being or relating to or containing the essence of a plant etc. ex. "essential oil"

essential (Adjective) — (law) defining rights and duties as opposed to giving the rules by which rights and duties are established. ex. "essential law"

2 see also
essentiality essentialness