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e?ay, eessay, esay, essa, essaay, essayy, essssay, ezzay, ssay

Essay — synonyms, definition

1. essay (Noun)

59 synonyms
article attempt bid composition correspondence declaration disquisition dissertation document effort endeavor endeavour enterprise exam examination exertion exposition feeler fiction hint • • •
2 definitions

essay (Noun) — An analytic or interpretive literary composition.

essay (Noun) — A tentative attempt.

8 types of
attempt effort endeavor endeavour piece of writing try writing written material
7 types
composition disquisition memoir paper report thanatopsis theme

2. essay (Verb)

17 synonyms
aim aspire assay attempt endeavour examine labour make an effort offer prove seek strive struggle toil try try out venture
2 definitions

essay (Verb) — Make an effort to accomplish something. ex. "The infant had essayed a few wobbly steps"

essay (Verb) — Put to the test, as for its quality, or give experimental use to. ex. "essay this recipe"

5 types of
act evaluate judge move pass judgment
25 types
adventure chance control endeavor endeavour field-test fight float gamble give it a try give it a whirl grope have a go hazard lay on the line pick up the gauntlet put on the line risk run a risk strive • • •