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eespousal, esopusal, espoousal, espousa, espousaal, espousall, espouusal, esppousal, espuosal, esspoussal, ezpouzal, spousal

Espousal — synonyms, definition

1. espousal (Noun)

19 synonyms
acceptance acceptation adoption aiding belief betrothal betrothment bridal ceremony embracing a cause marriage match nuptials promotion sacrament support union upholding wedding
3 definitions

espousal (Noun) — A wedding or wedding feast.

espousal (Noun) — The act of becoming betrothed or engaged.

espousal (Noun) — The act of accepting with approval; favourable reception. ex. "its espousal by society"

8 types of
approval approving blessing marriage marriage ceremony rite ritual wedding
2 types
bosom embrace