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eequivocatee, eqiuvocate, eqquivocate, equiivocate, equivocaate, equivocat, equivocatte, equivoccate, equivokate, equivoocate, equivvocate, equuivocate, quivocate

Equivocate — synonyms, definition

1. equivocate (Verb)

25 synonyms
avoid beat about the bush beat around the bush cavil dissemble dodge duck elude evade falsify fence fib hedge lie palter pretend prevaricate pussyfoot quibble rig • • •
1 definition

equivocate (Verb) — Be deliberately ambiguous or unclear in order to mislead or withhold information. ex. "Producers equivocate about projects, directors equivocate about stories, and agents equivocate about terms"

3 types of
disinform misinform mislead