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ddramatize, draamaatize, dramatiize, dramatise, dramatiz, dramatizee, dramatizze, dramattize, drammatize, dranatize, drramatize, ramatize

Dramatize — synonyms, definition

1. dramatize (Verb)

28 synonyms
act adopt aggrandise aggrandize amplify blow up caricature dramatise embellish embroider emote enact execute imitate impersonate lard magnify overstate pad parody • • •
3 definitions

dramatize (Verb) — Put into dramatic form. ex. "dramatize a book for a screenplay"

dramatize (Verb) — Represent something in a dramatic manner. ex. "These events dramatize the lack of social responsibility among today's youth"

dramatize (Verb) — Make appear better or greater (in power, wealth, quality, etc.) than reality.

12 types of
amplify compose exaggerate hyperbolise hyperbolize indite magnify overdraw overstate pen represent write
3 types
glorify overdramatise overdramatize
4 topics
authorship composition penning writing