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ddispense, diispense, dispeensee, dispemse, dispennse, dispens, disppense, disspensse, dizpenze, ispense

Dispense — synonyms, definition

1. dispense (Verb)

51 synonym
absolve accord administer allocate allot apportion assign bequest bestow confer contribute deal deal out deliver discharge dish out disseminate distribute divide dole • • •
3 definitions

dispense (Verb) — Give or provide in small portions. ex. "the machine dispenses soft drinks"

dispense (Verb) — Grant a dispensation; grant an exemption. ex. "I was dispensed from this terrible task"

dispense (Verb) — (medicine) give or apply (medications).

6 types of
care for exempt free give relieve treat
12 types
allot apply assign deal digitalise digitalize give inject portion reallot shoot transfuse
1 see also
dispense with