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ddiscolor, diiscolor, disccolor, discollor, discolo, discolorr, discooloor, diskolor, disscolor, dizcolor, iscolor

Discolor — synonyms, discolor antonyms, definition

1. discolor (US) US

5 synonyms
bleach dirty fade smear tarnish

2. discolor (Verb) US

3 synonyms
color colour discolour
1 antonym
3 definitions

discolor (Verb) — Lose colour or turn colourless. ex. "The painting discolored"

discolor (Verb) — Cause to lose or change colour. ex. "The detergent discolored my shirts"

discolor (Verb) — Change colour, often in an undesired manner. ex. "The shirts discolored"

3 types of
alter change modify
42 types
black blacken blanch bleach bleach out blench blue blush bronze burn crimson decolor decolorise decolorize decolour decolourise decolourize discolorise discolorize discolourise • • •